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Good day and welcome!

Please feel free to peruse the pages of my online chain maille catalogue!

Maille (or chain maille) is a profoundly beautiful, time honored (and time consuming!) art. Originally
used as armor in medieval ages, it is now used mostly as very unique, yet primal decoration.
Armor is still used in the SCA and most renaissance faire and fantasy live action role playing (LARP) environments, but my, and other's work is becoming
much more accepted in the mainstream. My maille jewelry has a very medieval feel to it, without looking "out of place"
with most of your everyday clothing choices! You can take a bit of the Renaissance faire with you everyday in your travels
that is uniquely handcrafted, perhaps chain maille made ONLY for you. Many handmade custom maille pieces have left my workbench to
be enjoyed and cherished by my satisfied customers!

Here, you'll surely find something that will soothe your appetite for banishing the mundane in your life.
All the pieces within are handmade, from beautiful necklaces, to nearly indestructable chain maille juggling balls!
Enjoy your journey into the medieval, and please, let me know what you think! Questions, comments, or just gab!
Start your own renaissance, beginning with your jewelry. I sincerely hope you enjoy my maille creations as much as I love creating them!
Good day!

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Contact me at: HWKWLF @ YAHOO . COM
Custom orders are welcome!

Please Email first to confirm shipping costs if paying by money order!!

Here's what customers are saying about my work:
"I am sitting here staring down with smiles at my GORGEOUS new jewelry!! (I was wearing them, and was loathe
to remove them, but I wanted to look at them, so I reluctantly removed them long enough to revel in their beauty!)
THANK YOU! Not only will these go perfectly with my on-order burgundy gown, but the reds are subtle enough
that I will be able to wear with other outfits. I could totally see wearing these around the holidays.
My necklace-loving coworker is going to be so jealous!
What you really captured for me was my wish for fancy-without-overdoing-it.
I really wanted elegant and refined, and you hit it right on the head! I'm amazed by the intricacy of chainmaille just thinking of that hard work, I'm so honored to receive these!
The final effect is glamorous yet understated, JUST what I asked for!!"

Eva in IL

Just email me and we'll work something out! If you can dream it up, I can probably do it. Costs depend on materials and time involved. Chain maille (also spelled chain mail) necklaces, bracelets, handflowers, headpieces, headbands, armbands, ankle bracelets, all can be matched for an ensemble you'll love!

Intricate Hand Tooled Leather Wallets from DryGulch Leatherworks featuring Hawkwolf's wallet chains!

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any information collected on this site, with the sole exception of completing a transaction (ex. Paypal).
You will not be contacted, except in the form of newsletter, or special chain maille offer.
If you wish not to be included in this list, email me, and you will be removed. Thank you!


OUR RETURN POLICY: Hawkwolf's Armory and Accoutrements stands behind every product we make.
A quality chain maille product, customer service and satisfaction are our top priorities.
All products may be returned in case of damage for full price or repair, less the cost of shipping, at our discretion.
Other returns will be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact us prior to shipping your return.
Custom orders and shipping are non-refundable.
If the maille you order does not fit, contact us immediately!

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